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Ningbo Zhongcan Technology Co. Ltd. was established in 2014,it is an Internet of Things data acquisition and innovation solution provider. Based on the core patent technology of micro-water power generation, the company has built a variety of front-end data acquisition solutions for the Internet of Things. Its technology is widely used in sanitary Ware, agricultural irrigation, landscape fountains, garden irrigation, water purifiers, smart meters, sewage treatment and other fields. "Microwater power generation and micro-power are boundless." We will carry out the green mission of energy conservation and environmental protection and build a harmonious, beautiful and intelligent future!


Always adhere to scientific and technological innovation, the establishment of private brands, strict production and after-sales links.

Self-developed micro-water power generation products have obvious advantages and effects, and perfectly follow the concept of green environmental protection.

To meet the needs of a more energy-efficient, safer, more environmentally friendly society to make contributions.


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