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Good news - our success to join the association of ningbo city environmental health"

Time:2018-05-18 Author:

After a strict review, our company was considered and approved by the 12th meeting of the Fourth National Council of the Ningbo Municipal Environmental Hygiene Association on May 10 and officially became a member of the Ningbo Sanitation Association.

Ningbo Municipal Environmental Hygiene Association was established in 2013. It consists of the "Facilities and Equipment Branch", the "Road Cleaning and Cleaning Branch" and the "Construction Waste Branch". As of May 18, there were 213 members.

Since its establishment, the association has recommended advanced and applicable technologies at home and abroad, strengthened exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign companies, promoted corporate brands and cognition, and established a platform for industry exchanges and cooperation. It has done a lot of work to promote the development and prosperity of the sanitation industry. The association has become an important bridge between enterprises and government procurement plans and bidding for sanitation and environmental protection projects.

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