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Develop science and technology in "new micro water electricity induction sanitary ware" booster "toilet revolution"

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On May 10, I was invited to attend the first general meeting of the 5th session of Ningbo Municipal Landscape Environmental Hygiene Association.

In order to fully implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's plan to promote the "toilet revolution" in urban and rural areas and improve the level and quality of public toilet construction and service, the city launched the "Public Toilet Quality Action" in the central city in November 2017, and plans to build and rebuild nearly 1,000 star public toilets through three years of special action. One of the themes of this meeting is to provide scientific and technological support and service guarantee for the government's "Public Toilet Quality Action".

Zhongcan is a service provider based on the core patent technology of micro-water power generation to build innovative solutions for data acquisition at the front end of the Internet of Things. Its technology is widely used in sanitary Ware, agricultural irrigation, landscape fountains, garden irrigation, water purifiers, and smart meters.

In order to solve the many defects of traditional toilets, Zhongcan has independently developed a new micro-water induction sanitary Ware. The product was widely acclaimed as soon as it was listed. It has now been widely used in Zhejiang University, Shanghai University, Ningbo University, Zhejiang Hospital, Ningbo Women and Children Hospital, Ningbo First Hospital, Li Huili Hospital, Ningbo Oaks Building and other large and medium-sized schools., hospitals, office rooms and toilets. With the development of the "Public Toilet Quality Action" in Ningbo, the product has also entered the newly rebuilt star public toilets in the urban area.

The new micro-water-generated induction sanitary Ware developed by Zhongcan is "free from wiring, battery removal, and zero risk" and can provide its own permanent power to maintain the normal use of electrical appliances. Its unique advantages are perfectly in line with the concept and requirements of the "toilet revolution." China Can Technology will use its unique technological advantages to help the government's "public toilet quality action" and jointly build a number of new smart ecological public toilets that are water-saving, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and recycling resources.

Protect the environment, please use green energy!

With hands can, a total of four seasons green water Qingshan!

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