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"Deepen cooperation to create value" - day industry water saving company can visit ningbo science and technology research, to discuss cooperation

Time:2018-05-09 Author: 中灿科技

On May 8th, the company's company, Ma Zong, visited Ningbo Zhongcan Technology to discuss deepening cooperation.

Xinjiang Tianye Water Conservation Irrigation Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the development, processing, production, sale and installation of water saving irrigation for agricultural plastics, water saving equipment and plastic pipe materials. It is a one-stop water-saving irrigation supply provider that integrates production, research and development, sales, training, engineering services and technology output. Zhongcan is a service provider based on the core patent technology of micro-water power generation to build innovative solutions for data acquisition at the front end of the Internet of Things. Its technology is widely used in sanitary Ware, agricultural irrigation, landscape fountains, garden irrigation, water purifiers, and smart meters. The two companies 'advantages of water conservation and energy conservation are complementary and strong. They will surely create greater value in the field of agricultural matter networking.

The micro-stream power generation device developed by Zhongcan is "free from wiring, battery removal, and zero risk". It has both the safety and convenience of DC power supply and the continuous power supply capability of AC power supply, and can provide electricity permanently on its own. In order to maintain the normal operation of electrical equipment, it provides technical support for the development of modern Internet of Things industry. In the network of agricultural gardens, it can replace the traditional power supply perfectly, and solve the problems of the contradiction of hydropower, hidden danger of wiring, and high cost in traditional agricultural irrigation. Managers can monitor the irrigation situation of crops remotely through wireless network, accurately control the remote irrigation site, and adapt to the current general trend of energy-saving, environmental, low-carbon intelligent development.

The further deepening of cooperation between Tianye Water Conservation Company and Zhongcan Technology in the field of intelligent agricultural irrigation will surely produce huge economic and social benefits and contribute to the country's energy conservation and environmental protection undertakings.

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